About us

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen defines development as “the freedom to choose the life that you might have reason to value. At it’s heart, Amaverkykers is a company owned by five black youths creating the lives that they wish to pursue and that implies assisting others to obtain a similar freedom. Amaverkykers is a company by the youth, for the youth.


Maria Skosana


When I look at my unemployed friends I see so much potential, but they are running low on hope. Making money is a dignifying way to raise that hope.

Kutloano Toko


I was lucky to go to a good school and have good people in my life, so with the other Amaverkykers I want to find creative and smart ways to spread the luck

Anathi Pefile


We as the Youth we should lead, look forward and be part of the solution

Doc Mabila


I got tired of everyone blaming and complaining. With this company we formed a vehicle where diverse people can work together to empower the poorest of the poor. Its time to stop talking and start leading