Mama mimi


We identify entrepreneurs to whom a business-in-a-box ovens will be given to. These beneficiaries each receive a Mama Mimi’s oven. These ovens can easily bake 45 loaves of bread, which will yield a reasonable income for the owners.

To strengthen the offering these small businesses have, we have acquired a premix mageu product which can also be sold.  We bought 10,000 premix packets (the user merely adds water) and supply these new businesses with stock which they will pay for once their businesses are up and running.

 Furthermore, as per our unique financial assistance model, we will give each entrepreneur an amount of R1000 when they receive their ovens to serve as operating capital.  The business owners are then tasked to keep an accurate journal of the flow of money.  If their bookkeeping is satisfactory after one month, a further R2000 may be awarded.