Livinia Ngobeni running Kelvin Laundromat at Kelvin

With the support of Bidvest ProteaCoin, AmaVerkykers have been able to develop an exciting enterprise development project for our youth.

Two Laundromats, one at the Gijima Training Centre, and the other at the Kelvin centre, opened in December 2016 and March 2017. Managed by Elizabeth Murlane, and supported by Johannah Moselakgomo and Livinia Ngobeni, the Laundromats are essential for washing BPC staff uniforms and bedding. Elizabeth and Johannah are also members of Kanaan netball team and they use some of the money they make to support their team with travel funds and match fees. Elizabeth has since got a car and Johannah has developed her excel skills considerably, as well as her confidence.

Livinia had never used a computer prior to taking over at Kelvin, her determination and enthusiasm for the job however made AmaVerkykers staff sure that she would make a success of her role. Livinia is now able to use excel – with formulas – and is proficient at typing and emailing. Whilst such a thing may sound small, it is worth considering the big progress in the small time that she has had with us.

Johannah Moselakgomo (left) and Elizabeth Morulane (right) run Gijima Laundromat at Gijima Training Centre (centre - Doc from Amaverkykers)