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To ensure the Rainbow Nation addresses the inequalities of the past it is imperative for the youth to look beyond their problems, to look beyond blaming, beyond entitlement.

Creativity and confidence need to be harnessed so that previously disadvantaged youths can begin to help themselves. Many youths cannot lift themselves without help and friendship.

Amaverkykers is the narrative of young people helping young people through a methodology of inclusion and collaboration.

BBBEE should not make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Amaverkykers believe that Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development should be used as tools to lend capacity to micro-enterprises as well as informal grassroots groupings.

Our role is to responsible assist corporates to spend resources in enterprise/skills development  and socio-economy development which impacts the poorest of the poor.

The current BBBEE frameworks provides a flexible guide for the private sector to align itself with the societal, developmental and transformational goals of South Africa.

Amaverkykers is a qualifying micro enterprise with 100% black ownership and 40% black-female owner.

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1.Improve life-skills and professional skills of poor black youths. 2.Increase problem-solving mentality and creativity. 3.Create income through micro enterprise development. 4.Promote mutually beneficial altruism. 5.Encourage cross-cultural engagement
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Amaverkykers fills a niche gap by working with youth at risk at grassroots level in the most disadvantaged areas. They promote Enterprise Development where it is needed most.”

Roelf Meyer

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